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  • Why it pays to invest in the maintenance of your machines

    Preventive maintenance (PM) is one of the most effective ways to increase the life and reliability of your equipment and machinery. This type of maintenance involves regular checks and safeguards to detect and correct potential problems early, before they lead…

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    Maintenance measures

    An important factor for the longevity of your plant: Maintenance measures are an important factor for the longevity and reliability of plant and machinery. Regular maintenance and servicing can optimize plant operation and prevent breakdowns, ultimately leading to greater efficiency…

  • Wir verkaufen und reparieren Siemens, SEW, Danfoss, Bosch, Rexroth, Indramat, Kuka, B&R, Beckhoff, Lauer, KEB, Leuze,
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    Advantages of PLC

    Today, automation plays a central role in industrial production. In order to gain competitive advantages and meet the challenges of constantly changing market requirements, it is important that companies use efficient and flexible automation solutions. This is where PLC comes…

  • Areas of application for industrial robots

    Industrial robots play an important role in modern manufacturing technology. These advanced machines can perform precise and automated processes, saving companies time and money. But where are the best areas of application for industrial robots?…

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    Automation in intralogistics

    Intralogistics plays an important role in warehousing and material flow within companies. In order to increase efficiency and save costs, automation technologies are being used more and more frequently.

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    Automation in waste management

    Waste management today is all about dealing with waste as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. One way to achieve this is to automate processes.

  • Obsolescence management

    Durch die immer kürzeren Innovationszyklen der Baugruppen und der stetigen Entwicklungsprozesse wächst die Relevanz des Obsoleszentmanagements. Das Ziel ist es, die Versorgung mit Ersatzteilen über die Nutzungsdauer von Industrieanlagen sicherzustellen und somit den langfristigen Betrieb der Anlage zu gewährleisten.

  • The advantages of used spare parts

    When companies think about purchasing spare parts for PLC technology, they usually have two options: buying new spare parts and buying used spare parts. It is often assumed that new parts are easier to obtain and last longer. However, buying…

  • Circular Economy

    The circular economy strives for the longest possible use of products and raw materials. Waste is avoided by reusing and repairing existing products. In addition, some of them are broken down into their original materials and reused. This saves resources,…