The advantages of used spare parts

When companies think about purchasing spare parts for PLC technology, they usually have two options: buying new spare parts and buying used spare parts. It is often assumed that new parts are easier to obtain and last longer. However, buying a new spare part is not always the best option. This article shows 4 reasons why the purchase of used spare parts for industrial electronics is worthwhile.

Author: Theresa Klein

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Obsolete parts

In the meantime, the production of many assemblies has been stopped, so that customers cannot obtain the spare part from dealers linked to the manufacturer. Good obsolescence management is extremely important here to ensure the operation of machines and systems. A cost-effective measure is the procurement of used spare parts. Here the system or machine can continue to be operated and a retrofit of the entire system can be averted.


The price in particular is a decisive factor when purchasing automation technology. On average, used spare parts cost 20-30% of the list price.

Windräder Ökologie
Ökologische Verantwortung

When buying used components, no additional resources and valuable raw materials are used for the new building. The use of used industrial electronics is therefore largely characterized by resource conservation.

Delivery time & availability

The time factor is particularly important in the case of unplanned machine downtimes. Due to the delivery bottlenecks, manufacturers have delivery times of up to 12 months. Used goods are often available directly from vendor-independent dealers and can be delivered immediately.

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