PLC industry


Find an overview of the most common industries our customers come from below:

  • automotive industries
    plc for automotive production

    Automotive industry

  • industries chemical
    PLC for chemical industry

    Chemical industry

  • industries energy
    PLC for energy industry

    Energy industry

  • industries food production
    PLC for food production

    Food industry

  • industries pharma medtech
    PLC for pharma production

    Medical and pharmaceutical industry

  • industries packaging
    PLC for packaging industry

    Packaging industry

  • industries logistics
    PLC fpr automated logistic systems


  • industries waste management
    PLC for waste management

    Waste Management

  • industries aviation
    plc for aviation

    Aviation Industry

  • industries machinery engineering
    PLC fpr machine engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

  • industries ship building
    plc for ship building

    Shipbuilding / rail vehicle construction

  • textile industries
    plc for textile production

    Textile industry