Obsolescence management

Durch die immer kürzeren Innovationszyklen der Baugruppen und der stetigen Entwicklungsprozesse wächst die Relevanz des Obsoleszentmanagements. Das Ziel ist es, die Versorgung mit Ersatzteilen über die Nutzungsdauer von Industrieanlagen sicherzustellen und somit den langfristigen Betrieb der Anlage zu gewährleisten.

Author: Theresa Klein

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What is obsolescence management?

Obsolescence management aims to ensure the supply of spare parts over the useful life of industrial plants. It also intends to react in good time to discontinuations and to develop defense strategies that can be used to ensure the manufacture and operation of machines and industrial plants.

What are the challenges?

Industrial electronics assemblies have ever shorter innovation cycles. Components such as CPUs, PLC assemblies, operator panels, robotics, sensors and other electrical materials are subject to a constant development process and changes in market demand. The discontinuation by the manufacturer often takes place about half a year before the end of production. However, this period may be too short.

What are the options in obsolescence management?

Retrofit (reengineering) of the system

Storage through warehousing

Procurement of replacement parts for similar components

Procurement of spare parts from vendor-independent dealers

Refurbishing or reproduction of parts

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