Siemens: S7 series

The Siemens S7 series are a range of programmable controllers used for a variety of automation and manufacturing applications. The series include S7 systems designed for small to medium to large plants.

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The S7 series from Siemens is a family of programmable controllers for the automation of industrial processes. Here is a list of the different models in the S7 series:

The S7 series at a glance:

Siemens S7-Baureihe
Automatisierungstechnik von Siemens

The Simatic S7-1500 system is a modern and powerful control solution for complex automation tasks. The S7-1500 system features a new architecture that guarantees higher process speeds and improved performance. It also offers easier programming, better monitoring and control of processes, and advanced data analysis and reporting.

Siemens S7-1200
Siemens S7-Baureihe

The Siemens S7-1200 is a compact and powerful controller that is ideal for use in smaller automation applications. The S7-1200 offers a wide range of functions, including analog and digital inputs and outputs, as well as an integrated Ethernet interface for easy integration into a network. With its intuitive programming environment and simple handling process, users can develop automation solutions quickly and efficiently. The S7-1200 is compatible with a variety of industrial communication modules, such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET, to exchange data between the controller and other devices.

Siemens Automatisierungstechnik

The S7-300 is a cost-effective automation solution for simple to medium-heavy industrial automation applications. The series features powerful processors and a wide range of inputs and outputs suitable for a variety of applications. In addition, the S7-300 offers a simple and intuitive programming environment that allows users to quickly and efficiently develop automation solutions. Overall, the Simatic S7-300 is a reliable and cost-effective choice for automation applications.

Siemens S7-400

The Siemens S7-400 is a modular controller designed for use in large applications with high demands on performance and speed. The S7-400 offers a wide range of expansion options to meet the control function requirements of complex production processes. There are a variety of modules for analog inputs and outputs, high-speed counters, positioning controls and communication interfaces. The modular design of the S7-400 makes it possible to customize the controller to meet specific application requirements and expand the scope of control functions as needed. The S7-400 also provides built-in diagnostics and monitoring capabilities to increase the availability and reliability of the controller.

Siemens S7 ET200
Siemens S7-Baureihe
S7 ET200

The Siemens S7 ET 200 is a decentralized peripheral unit that is used together with an S7 controller to expand the control functions. The S7 ET 200 offers a wide range of analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as communication interfaces such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP and CAN. It can be easily connected to an existing S7 controller and offers a high level of expandability to extend the control functions of the plant. With its flexibility and performance, the S7 ET 200 is an ideal choice for the automation of production processes.

Siemens S7
S7-1200F and S7-1500F

The Siemens S7-1200F and S7-1500F are safety-related controllers designed specifically for use in safety-critical applications. Both controllers offer a wide range of safety functions such as emergency stop, light grid, safety guard door and much more. The S7-1200F and S7-1500F also offer high flexibility and scalability. The S7-1200F is a compact controller that is ideal for use in smaller applications and supports up to 8 safety modules. The S7-1500F, on the other hand, can be expanded with up to 32 modules to support a high number of inputs and outputs. Both controllers offer built-in diagnostics to increase controller availability and reliability. They are also equipped with a variety of communication interfaces such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP and CAN to exchange data between the controller and other devices.



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