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About us

Our warehouse staff prepares your automation technology spare parts for fast shipment.

Our mission

The rapid and reliable procurement of spare parts for automation technology is a challenge for companies in the manufacturing industry in many respects. With the sale and repair of components for industrial electronics, we offer your company the opportunity to keep production running in the long term – efficiently, safely, inexpensive and sustainable. Our experience is your advantage. #wekeepyourproductionrunning 

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About us

jopesch GmbH is a family-run company that has been active since 2013 and consists of a 20-strong team. The global trade in new and used PLC, CNC and drive technology goods as well as the repair of these assemblies are the focus of our business activities. Our goal is to provide a platform that gives the manufacturing industry worldwide access to spare parts for industrial electronics.

Our locations

You can find us in Germany at 3 different locations:

  • About us: sales department

    Sales department

    On a storage area of 2,000 m² we permanently keep more than 40,000 assemblies ready for immediate delivery. Do you need a spare part? Contact our sales team for information regarding stock, delivery time and price.

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  • We can procure your needed spare parts of the automation industry within the shortest possible time.

    Purchase & Backoffice

    You can't find the spare part you need in our catalog? Thanks to our first-class supplier network, we can procure the spare part within the shortest possible time. On an office area of 300 m², our employees ensure smooth business operations.

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  • about us: technical department
    repair PLC

    Technical department

    In addition to the sale of industrial electronics, we offer services such as repair, overhaul, cleaning and inspection of industrial electronics. On more than 150 m² our technicians process your orders.

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about us: sustainability


The core of our company is naturally characterized by resource conservation and sustainability:

Through our entrepreneurial activities, we enable exchange processes, ensure longer-term maintenance of systems and avoid their disposal. Central aspects in this context are the trade with used and obsolete PLC and drive technology as well as the repair and overhaul of components. In addition, we return valuable raw materials to the economic cycle. The metals and plastics resulting from dismantling work are separated and recycled. In this way, we protect the conservation of important raw materials and support the avoidance of environmentally destructive as well as socially irresponsible mining and extraction processes.

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about us: social responsibility

Social responsibility

Giving back to the communities in which we operate and helping to protect the environment is part of every company’s mission. Our motivation to pay more attention to these issues is driven by the corporate motivation to do good. We have been supporting the German non-profit organization Ingenieure ohne Grenzen for several years. With one euro per order, we support technically oriented development projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. One current project is the expansion of an education center for women in Kenya. Here, the infrastructure for water and energy supply as well as sanitary facilities is being expanded. The project also supports consulting and the design of teaching content to meet local needs and the increasingly noticeable consequences of climate change in the region.

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