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CSR – Corporate social responsibility

Working for a better Tomorrow.

In order to remain successful in the dynamic environment of the automation industry, we see it as our corporate responsibility to ensure a sustainable future. We are committed to responsible and transparent corporate governance towards our employees, customers, suppliers and society.

Corporate responsibility is reflected on 3 levels:

  • employer

    Employer and business partner with responsibility

    We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers and partners and see this responsibility as an essential element of our corporate governance.

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  • CSR sustainability
    CSR jopesch

    Ecological responsibility

    Sustainability and ecological responsibility are naturally at the center of our entrepreneurial activities. The sale and repair of used industrial electronics enable exchange processes and conserve resources.

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  • school learning
    social responsibility

    Social responsibility

    As a globally active company, we see our social responsibility and want to contribute to development. For jopesch, entrepreneurial success is directly linked to social responsibility.

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CSR employer
Employer with responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, customers and partners and see this as an essential element of our corporate management. Our high-performing and motivated employees are crucial to our company’s success, which is why we ensure the best possible conditions in the workplace. Our working environment is characterized by fairness and appreciation. We offer a secure workplace with a company pension plan as well as private supplementary health insurance.

Business partners with responsibility

No company acts in isolation. We are particularly proud of our long-standing and very good business relationships with our customers and suppliers. For this reason, we are also committed to responsible and sustainable corporate governance towards our suppliers and customers and expect the same from our partners.

CSR ecological sustainability
Ecological responsibility

As a family-owned company with long-term operations, we claim to handle resources carefully and to protect the environment within the scope of our entrepreneurial capabilities. Our entrepreneurial activities are naturally characterized by resource conservation and sustainability. We enable exchange processes of assemblies and thus ensure a longer-term maintenance and use of industrial plants. Repair extends the service life of assemblies and avoids disposal.

In addition, we return valuable raw materials to the economic process. The metals and plastics produced during disassembly work are separated and recycled. Unused blank material is a particularly valuable source for the recovery of rare substances.

Soziale Verantwortung
Social responsibility

As a family-run and globally active company, we see ourselves as part of society and consider our social responsibility to be part of our shared value system. We want to play a part in sustainable development – because our corporate success is directly linked to social responsibility.

We have been supporting the non-profit organization Ingenieure ohne Grenzen for several years. With one euro per order, we support technically oriented development projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. One current project is the expansion of an education center for women in Kenya. Here, the infrastructure for water and energy supply as well as sanitary facilities is being expanded. The project also supports consulting and the design of teaching content to meet local needs and the increasingly noticeable consequences of climate change in the region.


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