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Stay one step ahead of damage with preventive maintenance:

In the case of a machine failure due to a defect, high costs can quickly arise. It is not so much the costs for repair or spare parts that are decisive but the loss of sales due to the stopped plant. With a predictive product overhaul possible damage can be detected early and proactively, and plant downtimes can be averted. Overall, this maintenance measure serves to better utilize availability and avoid unplanned plant machine downtime.

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Steps of the refurbishment

We offer manufacturer-independent overhauls for current as well as discontinued components.

  • refurbishment test
    testing CPU

    Incoming inspection

    After receiving the item, the item and serial number are first documented and an initial visual inspection is carried out. The inspection serves to determine and assess the actual condition and to derive the necessary consequences. In concrete terms, this means: looking, measuring, checking

  • Testen SPS

    Analysis & cost estimate

    A detailed determination of any possible faults or malfunctions form the basis for the product overhaul. Subsequently, a cost-free effort estimate including possible costs for the procurement of required replacement equipment can be provided. A quotation of the overhaul is then prepared.

  • refurbishment drive technology
    overhaul PLC

    Carrying out the overhaul

    The process of overhaul depends largely on the type of item as well as the condition. First, professional cleaning is performed. Components that are subject to aging or increased wear are replaced as a preventive measure.

Our service call includes

We repair industrial electronics across manufacturers, with or without circuit diagrams.

  • 12 months warranty

    We offer a warranty on repairs for 12 months from the date of delivery. In case of malfunctions during the warranty period which are not due to improper handling of the device we offer a free repair.

  • Fast response time

    You will receive an answer within 24 hours with further information regarding your service request.

  • Reduced downtime

    Our rapid response capability reduces the downtime of your plant.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs

    The cost of maintenance can be reduced by up to 70% compared to buying new.

  • Short repair duration

    After your approval, we need about 1-3 working days for the repair of your electronics, if spare parts are available.

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