Packaging Industry

The packaging industry represents an essential link between production and the end consumer. This intermediary position requires a quick response to customer wishes, a high degree of flexibility with regard to the product range and engineered, innovative production processes.

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Packaging Industry 

The complexity of the tasks and products is already evident from the life cycle of packaging. First of all, packaging materials are manufactured. Materials such as paper/cardboard, plastic, metal, wood and glass are typically used here. During production, the fulfillment of the packaging’s functions is also essential. Primarily, packaging has a protective function as well as a storage, loading and transport function. They also serve marketing, sales and warranty purposes. These functions then come to fruition in the use of the product by the customer. Finally, the packaging is disposed of and in most cases recycled.

Customers for the various packaging materials are mainly companies from the food industry, beverage manufacturers, luxury food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, chemical industry and processing industry.

Verpackung Industrien
Packaging Industry Trends

Due to the increasing demands of consumers, sustainability as well as the need for individualization, innovation approaches are becoming more and more important. Thus, packaging reflects developments in technology, design, material, handling and environmental friendliness. The megatrend in the packaging industry is sustainability. What is being sought are environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional packaging that take consumer wishes into account. The focus is on less plastic packaging, the increasing use of recycled plastic and paper packaging, and the development and use of packaging that reduces food waste.


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