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  • Automotive Industry

    The automotive industry is the pioneer on the road to Industry 4.0 and is one of the industries in which there is already a high degree of automation in production today. The major topics of the future, such as the…

  • Lebensmittel Industrie
    Industrieanlage Lebensmittel

    Automation in the food industry

    Due to enormous competition, the food industry is characterized by high development pressure. The consumer's desire for enjoyment and health awareness is coupled with the need for regionality. Topics that are considered particularly important are food safety, production safety, data…

  • Produktion Industrie

    Pharmaceutical & Medtech Industry

    Due to the high degree of innovation and the speed of development, the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries present automation technology with special tasks. The industries are characterized above all by stricter regulatory requirements and ever shorter development cycles. Automation…

  • Packaging Industry

    The packaging industry represents an essential link between production and the end consumer. This intermediary position requires a quick response to customer wishes, a high degree of flexibility with regard to the product range and engineered, innovative production processes.