Trends in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is one of the most technology-intensive industries in the world and is currently undergoing structural change. Technologies related to robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace are transforming the sector. In addition, advances in production processes are leading to changes and transformations in work. This concerns the nature of work as well as the relocation of work processes.

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The current biggest trends in the chemical industry are:


Digital technologies are having a major impact on the future of the chemical industry. Major topics such as Big Data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain and data science are the main focus.

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Materials technologies in the chemical industry

Another megatrend is the technologies related to materials and materials. The trend includes, in particular, 3D printing, the use of alternative raw materials, materials science, and biotechnologies. Knowledge in the areas of bioanalysis, plastics technology, computer-aided biology and design are particularly in demand here.

Innovative business processes

In the future, companies in the chemical industry will increasingly rely on agile principles, automation and virtual reality (VR) in their business processes. This primarily concerns the areas of Agile Lean, process automation with robotics, as well as methods such as Six Sigma. Knowledge from the areas of IoT, programming skills, digital simulations, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be essential.

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