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Repair of HMI devices

So that you have control again

Wir reparieren Ihr HMI Bediengerät. Wir bieten die Reparatur und Überholung von Steuerungstechnik, Bedientafeln, Bediengeräten, Operatorpanel, Multipanel, Touchpanel und Bedienpanel an
Fast and reliable repair

We offer reliable and high quality repair of HMI panels. We have an experienced and professional team that specializes in the repair and overhaul of HMI systems. Our goal is to provide you with a fast and effective repair to get your production back up and running as quickly as possible.

We use only high-quality replacement parts and latest technology to ensure that your HMI interface is back up and running smoothly after repair. Our team conducts a thorough failure analysis to accurately identify the problem and provide an effective solution.

Our quick turnaround time and fast delivery means you’ll get your repaired HMI panels back as soon as possible to minimize downtime and maximize production time. In addition, we also offer excellent customer service that is always available to answer your questions and concerns.

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Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) play a critical role in production and manufacturing by serving as the interface between the operator and the machine. They enable the operator to monitor and control machine performance by displaying important information about production and the process. By using HMI interfaces, production processes can be automated and made more efficient. The integration of touchscreens, intuitive user interfaces and machine-generated alerts and reports improves production performance, reduces operating costs and optimizes production processes.

Investing in high-quality HMI interfaces and maintaining and repairing them is therefore crucial for companies to optimize their production and remain competitive.

We repair and refurbish nearly every HMI interface for the manufacturing and production industries.

Here you will find an overview of the most popular products and manufacturers:

  • Wir reparieren Siemens OP7, OP77, OP277, TP, MP, Touch Panel, Operator Panel, IPC, Panel PC, Multi Panel und viele weitere


    TP700, TP900, TP1200, TP1500, TP1900, KTP400, KTP700, KTP900, KTP700F, KTP900F, KTP1200F, KTP1500F, KTP1900F, KP300 Basic, KP300, KP400 Comfort, KP900, KP1200, MP177, MP277, MP377, Panel PC 477, Panel PC 677, Panel PC 877, Thin Client ITC, OP7, OP77, OP277, OP3

  • Wir reparieren Kuka HMI Bediengeräte für Industrieroboter. smartPAD, smartHMI, Teach Pendant, Teach Panel, KRC1, KRC2, KRC4, Kuka Bedientafel, Kuka HMI Robotik


    smartPAD, smartPAD pro, smartHMI, smartPAD teach pendant, Teachpendant, smartPAD X, KUKA KRC1, KUKA KRC2, KUKA KRC4, KUKA KCP, Teachpanel

  • Wir reparieren Beckhoff HMI Bediengeräte. CP26, CP37, CP39, CPX, CP6902, CP7102, C3330, Beckhoff CP Reparatur


    CP26xx-Series, CP29xx-Series, CP37xx-Series, CP39xx-Series, CPX operator panel, CP6902, CP7102, C3330, CP7201, CP6202, CP22XX, CP6606, CP6608

  • Wir reparieren ABB HMI Bediengeräte. ABB CP Reparatur. ABB Panel Reparatur. ABB Controller Reparatur


    CP601, CP602, CP603, CP651, CP660, CP670, CP670, CP402, CP410, CP420, CP420, CP420, CP420, CP420, CP810, CP820, CP830, CP840, CP866, CP881, CP882, CP885, PP500-Series, PP800-Series

  • Wir reparieren HMI Panel von Siemens, SEW, ABB, Kuka, Beckhoff, ABB, Fanuc, B&R, Lauer, Unipo, Bosch, Sütron, KEB, Telemecanique

    More manufacturer

    Fanuc, B&R, Heidenhain, SEW Eurodrive, Mitsubishi, Lauer, Unipo, Bosch, Sütron, KEB, Telemecanique

  • Wir reparieren Steuerungspanel, Controller, Touchpanel, Multipanel, Kontrollpanel, Bediengeräte, Bedientafel, Frontcover

    Our most popular product types

    Control panel, control panel, operator panel (OP), touch panel (TP), multi panel (MP), operating panel, operating unit, control panel, touchscreen, front cover, multitouch panel