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  • Beckhoff TwinCAT series: setting standards in PC-based automation

    The Beckhoff TwinCAT series revolutionizes industrial automation through PC-based technology, real-time capabilities and open architecture. The modularity enables scalable adaptation to different requirements, while the TwinCAT Engineering Environment provides an easy-to-use platform for efficient engineering. With applications ranging from factory…

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    Siemens Simatic Series: The Advanced Evolution of Industrial Automation

    With innovative control systems, advanced HMI solutions and integrative network solutions, the Simatic series sets standards for efficiency and reliability in modern manufacturing.

  • The evolution of automation: A comprehensive look at the B&R Acopos series

    The B&R Acopos series revolutionizes industrial automation through its versatility, adaptive control technology and intuitive user interface. Find out how this groundbreaking series brings efficiency, precision and sustainability to manufacturing processes.

  • Why it pays to invest in the maintenance of your machines

    Preventive maintenance (PM) is one of the most effective ways to increase the life and reliability of your equipment and machinery. This type of maintenance involves regular checks and safeguards to detect and correct potential problems early, before they lead…

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    Maintenance measures

    An important factor for the longevity of your plant: Maintenance measures are an important factor for the longevity and reliability of plant and machinery. Regular maintenance and servicing can optimize plant operation and prevent breakdowns, ultimately leading to greater efficiency…

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    Advantages of PLC

    Today, automation plays a central role in industrial production. In order to gain competitive advantages and meet the challenges of constantly changing market requirements, it is important that companies use efficient and flexible automation solutions. This is where PLC comes…